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Elitta part 2
Do you like what you see? Just remember that you will probably never see her again! Elitta came and went in a instant but she left for us a legacy of excellence to carry on. Elitta was perfect. Incredible body, perfect face, the most incredible ass you have ever seen, perfect attitude.

What did she do? : Elitta had just turned 18. She wanted to do something to establish herself as an individual. She knew she was incredible, she worked out every day, she took care of herself, she had confidence, and she wanted to show off to the world that she had what it takes to get out of her small town. Everybody knew everybody there. But she knew there was more out there.

How did she do it? : There are ways online to get your picture out so that people can find you. Elitta was lucky enough to go someplace that caught the attention of a talent scout. That scout got her in touch with an agent over at Matrix Models and from there it was just a short flight across country till she was in LA shooting for Ron Harris. She was right, everyone thought that she was incredible. People were lining up for miles for a chance to shoot Elitta. Ron Harris was lucky enough to be first. He shot her for an entire week. The results you will see in the free gallery below. After just 2 short weeks, she was on her way back to NY to get things in order and then come back to LA to shoot some more incredible pics.

Why did she leave? : Elitta actually did make it back to LA, but the first night she was back she recieved a phone call from back home. It seems there was some family troubles that needed to be tended to. Being the responsible person that she is, Elitta flew back to attend to the matters at hand. Realizing the importance of her family, Elitta made the choice to stay home and leave being a centerfold to other people. She had made her point in her mind I guess. Proving to the world that a girl from the east coast could come to the west and take everyones breath away.

So what do we have to show for it? Just pictures from a moment in time when Elitta came and conquered LA. We miss you Elitta! Come back and see us again.


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