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It takes a lot to knock a man like Ron Harris back on his heels. After nearly five decades of being in the trenches of cutting edge erotic photography, he’s seen his fair share of fine ladies. Yet, even for such a man, our world still holds surprises. And when Guinevere stepped into Ron’s Malibu mansion for her first photo shoot with him, she proved to be such a surprise, and a quite fantastically beautiful surprise at that.

Guinevere is, to put it mildly, the real thing. She has the physical, psychological, and sensual attributes that come together to make a star. They say that when one saw Marilyn Monroe in person, it became blatantly evident why we call such people “stars.” She literally shone bright, lighting the dark with her brilliance. Well, Guinevere is a star in much the same way, emanating power, elegance, and the ever-tempting effervescence of youthful beauty and feminine charm.

The list of adjectives that aptly apply to Guinevere are as many as the poses she is able to strike – frisky, luscious, coy, playful, tempting, evocative, glamorous, delightful, powerful, and on and on. There’s a marvelous mystery brewing in Guinevere’s eyes…the mystery of a young woman who knows she’s being watch, and desired, and who revels in the chance to seduce and desire.

Fact is, Guinevere has what it takes to be a super model. When Ron first experienced the way she teases and toys with men, giving them just enough to want much more, he said, “You’ve probably been doing this since you were 9.” And in her typically enticing way, she replied, “No, I’ve been doing it since I was 7.” Guinevere is rich with the consciousness of her womanly powers, and she intends to use them to her heart’s content.

Guinevere has not only taken Ron by storm, she’s taken our browsers by storm. Our sign-ups have gone up as visitors catch a glimpse of Guinevere and can’t help themselves in wanting to see more. And there’s lots more to see. We have 20 free photos of her below, but inside our sites is a veritable Guinevere Galleria – both on Harris-Archives.com, in which you can see her in all her soft core splendor, and on RonHarris.com, in which she’s playing things a little bit harder. Whatever your desire, Guinevere’s here to meet it.

So, my lords, mount your horses, sharpen your steel, and let’s go rescue Lady Guinevere from that nasty dragon of oblivious. Let’s make this lady a star, because that’s what she is. She’s only waiting to be discovered…or in her case, revealed. So be a brave and valiant Knight, and throw yourself at her mercy!


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