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The Name Game
She goes by Lilly Ann, you can call her Ivey, but if you want to piss her off, call her Sloane. These are all names that Lilly Ann from Florida has used during her time in the adult industry. Why does this girl feel she has to change her name so much?

The First Name : It was kind of a dare, it was kind of a joke. whatever the details were, one morning our main character found herself at a house by a pool getting ready to shoot what would become her only video ever. It was for some local florida website (she thought) and no one would really ever see it, but hey, the money is worth it. When she showed up, the first thing she had to do was sign a model release form. On the form she had to write a name. She had no idea what to use so she asked whoever it was standing next to her to think up a name. The first thing that was said was Sloane. Fine! I will be Sloane.

The Second Name : After this experience Lilly was in contact with an agent in Los Angeles CA who wanted to fly her out and get her some work. She didn't believe that anyone would really want to shoot her but she gave him a chance to prove what he was saying to her, If no work came out of it she would at least have free airfare, lodging and food for the time she was there. She flew out and Ron Harris immediately booked her for a couple of days exclusively to shoot the images featured here on this site! At this point, she was astounded to realize she might have something here. She didn't want to use the name she had used for that other job, so she decided to use her "other" name. Not really a middle name, Ivey was more like the name she used to use when she was younger. It was the first thing that popped in her head when she had the modeling form in front of her.

The Third Name : When that shoot was over she figured out that this agent from LA wasn't exaggerating and that she might be able to stay in this line of work for while. Back at his office, She and the agent sat down with a book used to name babies and selected the name Lilly Ann to use from then on. It's what she used on every shoot since, and it's what she used when she won Penthouse Pet of the Month for June 2003!

So, whats in a name? nothing when you really think about it as long as you enjoy beautiful women! and there are lots of free pics of this beautiful women so no matter what you call her, ENJOY


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