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How often do you get to see a natural redhead who isn't totally defensive about how great, or bad, it may be to be a redhead? Not very often is how often. Most of the time if you meet a natural redhead, they have a chip on their shoulder, but not Tiffany, she is as sweet as sugar!.

Talk Talk... : One thing that Tiffany likes to do is to go out for and exciting night on the town and try to meet as many people as she can. It is this outgoing personality that makes her so engagable and nice to talk to. She is never afraid to voice her opinion on something that she knows about, and as you can probably guess, when your as smart as Tiffany is, you will have an opinion on everything. So as a result, when she goes out, she runs into a lot of people that talk to her simply because of her hair and when they start a conversation, Tiffany is only too happy to jump right back in there with them.

Laugh Laugh : If she doesn't win you over with her smarts, then she will with her humor. Tiffany's humor is really quick and full of wit. You have to really stay on your toes to be able to catch all the puns and one liners she says on a daily basis. If you don't pay attention, you will probably miss something hilarious that Tiffany has observed or sometimes even made up. She is also not afraid to put on a show in public. Last week she went with a friend to go look at a car. When they got out they were greeted by salesmen asking if they could help them and before her friend could say a word Tiffany started pretending that she was in hot dog sales and wanted to place a hot dog cart at the dealership that upcoming weekend to up the car dealerships sales. "Hot Dogs move cars!" she said. Much the amusement of her friend, the salesmen got confused and gave her a befuddled "well let me call my manager out to talk to you" before she finally gave in and told them they were really there to try to buy a new car.

Snap Snap : Tiffany's free photos come from Harris-Archives and feature her in the bath as well as laying on some nice comfortable blankets. We have plenty more pics at Harris-Archives and we think that if you like redheads, it may be worth checking out.


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